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D. M. Domosea

Oh, you expected to learn more about me on my author page? Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but my information is on a strict knead-to-know basis, which means you will have to knead me like pound of pizza dough to get any juicy details out of me (seriously, I’d spill it all in exchange for a professional-level massage right about now . . .)

Instead I shall fill your eyes with useless D.M. Domosea trivia:

Hogwarts House: Griffyndor with Ravenclaw tendencies
Patronus: Tardigrade
Favorite Author: Anne McCaffrey
Favorite Holiday: Halloween forevah, bitches!
Favorite English Words: clock, calliope, nebula
Favorite “Favorite” category: Song
First boy I kissed: Craig
Last boy I kissed: Pedro
Bank Account Number: 1DI0T5

There, you now know more about me than roughly 99.93% of the worlds population–congratulations!