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The Position Will Remain Open Until the Job Is Filled

by Tracy Townsend

Notice of Available Positions: Crones, All Experience Levels Desired Narrative Personnel Staffing Services LLC prides itself on providing storytellers and their Heroes with reliable access to the best and most essential story resources. Specializing in Villains, Sidekicks, Henchmen, Allies, ready-made Four Man and Five Man bands, Cute Shoulder Dragons, and (of course) various love interests […]

Dialogue in SFF and Beyond (Part Two): Terms from Your History Notebook & Other Smart Reader Things

by Tracy Townsend

When last we left you, my stalwart heroes, heroines, and genderqueer unicorns, I was writing about the life-hacks used by some well-known sff authors in writing effective dialogue. You can use these tricks to help get words on the page (consider Caroline Yoachim’s bracket-and-move-on-hack) or to improve their tone, pace, character, and style (as Sarah […]