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Book Review: Brother’s Ruin (Emma Newman)

by KC Maguire

I know a lot of writers manage to move back and forth between hard sci-fi and fantasy without any trouble, and Emma Newman is definitely one of them. My hat is off to authors who understand the nuances of the different genres and manage to create engaging characters and develop engaging worlds whatever the genre […]

Tempus Fugit … (or does it?)

by KC Maguire

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of draft manuscripts, including a couple of my own, and for some reason I started thinking about the use of “time” in story structure. It may be a function of what was on my desk this week, or something deeper and more profound, but as writers we don’t seem […]

The Precipice: Write On or Fall Back?

by KC Maguire

I’ve often received two seemingly contradictory pieces of advice as a writer when I face a problematic section of a manuscript and feel like I can’t go on. So I thought, what better way to try and tease them apart than to blog about it? Think about those days when you absolutely can’t write another […]

Matching Obstacles to Character Desires

by KC Maguire

It won’t be news to many writers that one of the best ways of creating narrative tension on the page is to give a character a powerful desire and then throw obstacles in her way. The character’s ability to overcome obstacles and move forward is what creates the tension that will make the reader keep […]