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To Wakanda and Beyond

by Jen Gheller

When you think about fantasy worlds, what comes to mind? For me, it’s Narnia, Middle Earth, the wizarding world, and Alagaësia. These worlds are abundant with dragons, elves, orcs, and talking animals, but they lack a major feature: people of color. Maybe some of them have a few token non-white characters, but it’s hard to […]

Quick Pick: “One Fell Sweep”

by Rebecca Buchanan

Title: One Fell Sweep (The Innkeeper Chronicles #3) Publisher: NYLA Author: Ilona Andrews Pages: 338 pp Price: $4.99 (ebook) / $13.99 (paperback) The Hook: Dina DeMille is an Innkeeper. She runs the Gertrude Hunt, a bed and breakfast in Texas. But Dina is a very unusual Innkeeper, and the Gertrude Hunt deals with a very […]

Suggested Readings by LSQ Authors! Day 7

by Cheryl Wollner

It’s been a week long celebration here. Our Five Year Anthology is released, Issue 23 is live and full of fantasy and fairy tale magic, and our authors continue to publish incredible things. Thank you for joining our celebration this week. After all, there’s nothing better than discovering your new favorite author. Kim Mary Trotto‘s novel Goodlands, […]

Suggested Readings by LSQ Authors! Day 6

by Cheryl Wollner

The days keep rolling by and our authors’ publications keep rolling in. It’s never a bad time to invest in a new story. Jan Stinchcomb has a new novella, Find the Girl, published March 2015.  Though not speculative fiction, it is a story of mystery and survival, told by a young heroine who is trying to uncover […]

Suggested Readings By LSQ Authors! Day 5

by Cheryl Wollner

What better way to start off your week of work or school or play than with an extra helping of reading material? Our week of Suggested Readings by LSQ authors continues to run strong. Charlotte Nash: her short story “Blue ICE,” an agricultural cyberpunk piece, along with more of her latest publications, can be found […]

Suggested Reading from LSQ Authors! Day 4

by Cheryl Wollner

The weekend’s still kicking and so are we! Our week of Suggested Readings by LSQ authors continues. Happy reading. Megan Kennedy: her short story “The Waste” is available as an e-book. Come check it out. Judith Field: take a look at her short story collection: The Book of Judith: Sixteen Tales of Life, Wonder and […]

Suggested Readings from LSQ Authors! Day 3

by Cheryl Wollner

Our celebration of LSQ authors doesn’t stop for the weekend. With the publication of our Anthology (celebrating five years of incredible writers from around the world!) we are more thrilled than ever to continue our week of Suggested Readings by LSQ authors. Take a look at these authors’ publications and celebrate their achievements. Octavia Cade: […]

Suggested Reading from LSQ Authors! Day 2

by Cheryl Wollner

We’re back with Day 2 of our week long celebration of the amazing work LSQ’s authors are publishing. Check out this next batch of incredible publications by LSQ authors and the literary journals who published them. Nikki Vogel: Her work “– in Beginning” was published in Empty Sink Publishing. Phyllis Green: Since “Violetta Brun” appeared […]

Suggested Readings from LSQ authors! Day 1

by Cheryl Wollner

Can’t wait to read more from LSQ’s authors? Waiting for your copy of The Best of Luna Station Quarterly to arrive on your doorstep? For a whole week we’ll be sharing additional gems from LSQ authors, celebrating all their writing achievements. Check out these publications by our authors who we certainly couldn’t get enough of. […]