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A Girl in Shadows

Sunlight slips onto treetops and waiting dew. It races over hills, past tree trunks and branches to find her. The moon killed her shadow and missed her flesh. The sun must make it right. It props itself on beams and drifts higher, scouring the earth to finish her death with lambent daggers. There she is, Melis of Shadow, sleeping on a stranger’s porch. She forgot to wake herself in time this day. Light finds her toes, nibbles her ankles, steals her legs. Wavering gold consumes her body, a body without rustling shadow on one side. She vanishes. The sun sighs.

A bit about the author:

Amy Holt is a writer and art director in New York City where she lives with her husband and a hundred other characters, in her mind of course. She blogs for storytellers and readers at You can also find her on Twitter @storieswandered. Visit author page