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The moment I open the wardrobe door, the girl starts screaming. Her voice pierces the silence like a lightning strike tearing through a faultless sky. She stops long enough to pull her blanket up around her neck before starting again.

I sigh.

They always respond like this, as though my glowing red eyes indicate some kind of foul objective. Maybe it’s my bulbous head… perhaps it’s my tail.

I try to give a reassuring smile, which only makes her scream louder.

“It’s ok,” I say quietly, “I’m just here for your odd socks,” and pad over to her laundry basket.

A bit about the author:

Holly Kench is a writer and feminist, with a classics degree and a fear of spiders. She enjoys writing fantasy and humor, and is convinced we can change the world through popular culture. Holly writes about her life as a stuffed olive at and manages “Visibility Fiction” for the promotion and publication of inclusive young adult fiction at Visit author page