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The Baddest of Them All

by Jen Gheller

Fairy tale retellings have become a huge trend lately, especially in YA. A good retelling can be tricky to pull off. It should be unique enough that the fairy tale isn’t just being rehashed, yet still grounded enough that the essence of the source material shines through. I’ve read quite a few retellings, and it’s […]

Fairy Tales for the New World Order: Circuits and Slippers, edited by Jaylee James

It is both gratifying and heartbreaking when reality begins to resemble sci-fi and fantasy: genre fiction gets an unexpected upgrade as the predictions of mere writers come true. This collection of twenty sci-fi infused fairy tales, published in September of 2016, came at exactly the right time. Now that dystopia is becoming the new normal, […]

Getting Real

by Katherine Tomlinson

I used to write a lot of crime and horror fiction and the horror, especially, was pretty dark. While there were often supernatural elements involved, much of the horror was derived from human behavior. These were not cheery little stories. I placed a lot of these stories in anthologies—almost none of them offering pay—and then […]

Interview With Charmingly Antiquated

by A.E. Ash

One of the many things I love about the intarwebz is the plethora of amazing webcomics I encounter. Having awesome art and stories in an always-available, digital format is a good and right thing. In my travels in Tumblr Land, I stumbled upon the one-of-a-kind artwork, humor, and edgy sweetness of Charmingly Antiquated. Sam, the mastermind behind […]


by Cathrin Hagey

Sleep is something we fall into, long for, catch. Sleep steals us away from one place and takes us to the threshold of another. It appears to take us to the brink of death; it also sustains life. Asleep, we are innocent, unchallenging, receptive, renewed. Sleepless, we are restless, angry, aggressive, doomed. “Sleep that knits […]