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Literary Alchemy

by Cathrin Hagey

I admire British actress Keira Knightley. She’s talented, intelligent, and independent-minded. Now that she’s a mother, Ms. Knightley has given some thought to the influence of fairy tales on our children, particularly our daughters. In the fall of 2018, during an interview on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show, she admitted to banning the Disney films Cinderella and The Little […]


by Cathrin Hagey

One day, when my daughter was about four years old, she said, “My breath speaks to me.” I was amazed by the ancient wisdom implied in this adorable insight. Breath, wind, wisdom, and genius have long been associated with one another, in religion and mythology, in fairy tales and poetry.     Who has seen […]


by Cathrin Hagey

To be called a crone isn’t a compliment. Etymologically, the word derives from one meaning insult, which, in turn, derives from another word implying annoying woman or, literally, carrion. It shouldn’t be surprising, given the patriarchy and all, that old women in fairy tales and myths are lumped into one inglorious category: suspicious fringe dwellers (further sub-divided into […]


by Cathrin Hagey

Forests are known by many names: rainforest, woodland, wood, jungle, bush, backwood, park, with each term conjuring its own meaningful subtext. Woodland, to the fanciful mind, might imply the existence of a realm of unseen beings who sleep sheltered within the center of a daisy or owe their existence to the lifeblood of an oak […]

Speaking of trust

by Calee Jordan

Speaking of trust— Yes, we were talking about trust just last month (It’s about Control).  I’ve noticed a weird trust trend.  Romance, fantasy, and sci-fi novels share a level of trust that I find impossible to believe.  It’s not that the protagonist trusts the villain, although that happens fairly regularly. In Chanda Hahn’s Reign (book […]


by Cathrin Hagey

I live in Saskatchewan and enjoy hiking in the prairies while musing that bison, deer, and cattle (and any other grass munching creatures) live directly on top of what they love most: their food. I try to imagine how it might feel to constantly be surrounded by what I love to eat. For me, I’d […]


by Cathrin Hagey

Last night I dreamed that a long-awaited companion arrived to take me to the other side of the world where we would live in comfort, without fear or want, for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately, we were running late to meet the train, and just as the doors were about to close I realized […]

Something Blue

by Cathrin Hagey

I have found myself dwelling on the color blue and the way our planet’s elemental hue, the most symphonic of the colors, recurs throughout our literature as something larger than a mere chromatic phenomenon…1 The color blue is the chimera of the visible light spectrum. It is everywhere and nowhere. The most popular color. Yet […]


“When an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside, as fate.”                                                                  —Carl Gustav Jung Once upon a time there lived, on […]