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Fanfilms, Authority, and Accessibility

by Linda Codega

People are often aware of fandom and fanwork through the lens of fanfiction. Sometimes fanart makes its way into the public consciousness, but more often than not, these two expressions of fanwork are the most commonly recognized. Some other methods of fandom expression, such as podfic, fanvids, and cosplay, are also well known, but an […]

The Importance of Queer Fandom

by Linda Codega

In the direct aftermath of Pride Month, seeing proud queer people and seeing people fight and protest and stand up to tyranny, I’m reminded again of the importance of Queer Fandom. Despite the queer content that proliferates in many parts of creator-forward fandom spaces, a majority of places where fandom congregates and occurs is still […]

Bringing Back Issues (Zine Culture)

by Linda Codega

Fan-made zines have been made and distributed since some of the first inceptions of fandom culture. In a way, zine culture is fandom  culture, and it’s almost impossible to separate zines like Spockanalia from Star Trek itself. Zines were the place where fans could show off and explore the parts of media they loved and […]

A Fandom History Primer (Part II)

by Linda Codega

(This is the second of a two-part series on fandom. Read the first part here.) Star Trek launched fandom into the public spotlight once again. Fan conventions, slash zines, articles, meta, analysis, and praise — all of this came into the collective lexicon of the fan in the late ’60s. The very first all-Star Trek […]

A Fandom History Primer (Part I)

by Linda Codega

We’ve heard the word ‘fandom’ used often in modern media and until recently, many people were unaware of the term. If they were aware of its use, many would associate it with the science fiction fandom or, more specifically, the Star Trek fandom. So what is fandom? Fandom is defined in various places as a […]

Who’s Steering the Ship?

by Linda Codega

This is a blog post in two parts. Mostly, it will focus on the crux of many pieces of fandom and fan generated content, which are the relationships between the characters in any given fandom. In order to really discuss this, a primer must be offered on the terms that will be used in this […]

The Fanfiction is Female

by Linda Codega

Fanfiction has come back into vogue. Well, not entirely; it is still a niche consumer (and creator) market. However, the fanfiction roots of hit book series, such as Shadowhunters and Fifty Shades of Gray, have taken fanfiction from the dark corners of the internet and subversive zine communities and forced it into the limelight. Not […]

Superblog #3: Introducing Harley “I Told You So” Harbinger

by Lady Morse Code

Superwriters unite! *********************************************************************************************   We’re back for another gathering of the League of Extraordinary Authoresses with me, Lady Morse Code, and today we have a stellar guest! (If she behaves herself.) No need to beat around the bush, tree or Batmobile today. I’m ready to jump straight into the interview! How about you? Let’s do this! […]