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Brokenhearted, I Read

by Calee Jordan

I am a heartbroken reader. The end of a series is a reasonable guess for my ennui, but it’s not that simple. In the last two years, the awesome Curse of the Gods series has been one of my favorite reads. The protagonist is an accident-prone smart ass who draws five beautiful, strong, and arrogant […]


by Cathrin Hagey

One day, when my daughter was about four years old, she said, “My breath speaks to me.” I was amazed by the ancient wisdom implied in this adorable insight. Breath, wind, wisdom, and genius have long been associated with one another, in religion and mythology, in fairy tales and poetry.     Who has seen […]

Speaking of trust

by Calee Jordan

Speaking of trust— Yes, we were talking about trust just last month (It’s about Control).  I’ve noticed a weird trust trend.  Romance, fantasy, and sci-fi novels share a level of trust that I find impossible to believe.  It’s not that the protagonist trusts the villain, although that happens fairly regularly. In Chanda Hahn’s Reign (book […]

Author Interview: Deborah J. Ross

by Wendy Van Camp

Deborah J. Ross writes and edits fantasy and science fiction. Her work has earned Honorable Mention in Year’s Best SF; been a Kirkus notable new release; featured on the Locus Recommended Reading List and James Tiptree, Jr. Award recommended list; was a Finalist for the Lambda Literary Award; and nominated for the National Fantasy Federation […]

Author Interview: Karen Azinger

by Wendy Van Camp

Author Karen Azinger writes epic fantasy inspired by the style of George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, but with more women.  My name is Karen Azinger. I guess the best description of myself is a Renaissance woman, someone with wide-ranging interests and skills for both work and play. On the play side, I love […]

Author Interview: D.L. Carter

by Wendy Van Camp

Author D. L. Carter has been called crazy, restless optimist, pessimist, lazy, a crank with delusional invisible friends who have the greatest, dangerous ideas. She is also an excellent science fiction and fantasy author. Please welcome “D” to No Wasted Ink. D. L. Carter (Dee Leana, call me ‘D’) was decanted from her incubation pod […]

OMG, I heart Rachel Morgan!

by Calee Jordan

Warning: Spoilers will follow. Can I contract swimmer’s ear from headsets? For the last month, I’ve worn headsets everywhere—in the yard, when I have a spare moment at work, in the tub, in the car (well, the headset covers only one ear then). I’m so addicted to my current set of audio books that my […]

Author Interview: Elizabeth Gaines Johnston

by Wendy Van Camp

A huge fan of fantasy and medieval history, Author Elizabeth Gaines Johnston loves weaving complicated storylines together to create characters who feel like real people. She enjoys using words to paint a picture, so her worlds have a tangible feel to them. My name is Elizabeth Gaines Johnston, author of the Gilded Serpents trilogy, as […]