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A Need for Speed

by Calee Jordan

Good grief. It’s 4 a.m. Despite my frequent yawns and drooping eyelids, I’m still awake, still reading. See, there’s this book, an interesting story with a cool description, so I started reading just before bedtime. I told myself I would read one chapter before bed. Then the characters’ emotions engulfed me. The details had me […]

Author Interview: Scarlett Van Dijk

by Wendy Van Camp

Scarlett Van Dijk is a young Australian writer of young adult fantasy stories. She currently has two novels released, Sky Stone and Guardian Core, of the Sky Stone series. My name is Scarlett Van Dijk and I was born in 1993. I am an Australian author of young adult fantasy stories. Besides authoring, I work […]

Book Review: Eye Of The World

by Wendy Van Camp

Book Name: The Eye of the World Author: Robert Jordan First Published: 1990 Author Robert Jordan (born James Oliver Rigney, Jr.) was born in the late 1940s in Charleston, South Carolina. As a child, he was fond of reading, especially the books of Mark Twain and Jules Verne. As an adult, he served two tours […]

Author Interview: M.M. Justus

by Wendy Van Camp

Author MM Justus is fascinated by the possibilities of what if–the memories of a place that some people call ghosts or the möbius effect of time travel. She is interested in the potential effects of the fantastic on normal folks, and in inserting it into well-researched historical events, populated mostly by people who really lived. […]

Book Review: Nemesis

by Wendy Van Camp

Book Name: Nemesis Author: Louise Cooper First Published: 1989 Louise Cooper began writing stories at a young age, more to entertain her friends than for any other reason. She was not fond of school and would tuck herself away to write stories in the classroom. At the age of fifteen, she persuaded her parents to […]