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Superblog Issue #6: She’s a Nonfiction Extraordinary Authoress

by Lady Morse Code

Hello and welcome to the new year, Extraordinary Authoress Leaguers and beloved civilian readers! I, Lady Morse Code, thought we might kickoff 2017 with something, or well someone, out of our normal box. Most of the members of the League of Extraordinary Authoresses are fiction writers but there have been a few nonfiction gals to […]

Princes, Princesses, and Parenting

by T.D. Walker

While reading Sheila Finch’s Myths, Metaphors, and Science Fiction, I ran across a passage that gave me, as a parent, pause: “In later centuries, we seem to have watered down the messages [of fairy tales], especially in the post-Disney world, but the continuing popularity, even into our scientific age, of what might otherwise be considered […]

Seeing the Magic : Sarah Kay

by Cheryl Wollner

Some days, your favorite female character isn’t a character at all. Some days, she isn’t fictional, but a real person, performing real good in the world and imbuing our lives with the magic of the everyday. I saw Sarah Kay perform in New York City this past weekend. She is a professional slam poet, educator […]

Gender, Names, and Publishing Under Initials

In a recent post on her website, Mary Robinette Kowal noted that the percentage of SFF books available for purchase at airport bookstores that were written by women and non-binary authors was alarmingly small in comparison to those written by men. Her explanation of her methodology struck me: “If I couldn’t tell and/or didn’t know, […]


by Melody Wolfe

As a writer, a friend, a person, a student, and an employee, I tend to give a lot of thought to honesty; what it means, whether it’s a good idea or a bad idea, and how I feel about it. To get started, let’s define “honesty.” Honesty is generally accepted as the antithesis of lying, […]

Review: K. A. Cook, “Misstery Man”

by E. Young

What’s up everyone, I’m nonbinary! Anyway… Man, what is that nonbinary thing about? Just when you got used to the whole idea of a gender spectrum, there’s some people who literally said “screw that” and don’t identify as…anything. Or maybe both. Or maybe something you’ve never heard of. Yikes. Add that to the fact that […]