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Name Those Names! It’s A Matter of Respect

by Cheryl Wollner

If we’re fans of Harry Potter, we remember the names of the spells and curses: avada kedavra, alohomora, lumos. Fans of Lord of the Rings, go to painstaking lengths to name the Dunedain as the descendants of the Numenorians, and to keep track of all of all of Aragorn’s names. It’s what we do. In […]

Chapbook Review: Megan Milks “The Feels”

by Cheryl Wollner

Have you heard of the Black Warrior Review? Published out of the University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, a journal associated with an MFA program is not really the place you’d think to look for speculative fiction. But the BWR stakes a claim in the bizarre. On their website, the editors say: We seek risk-taking prose that […]

Book Review: Carry On (Rainbow Rowell)

by KC Maguire

I’m a big Rainbow Rowell fan and it’s lovely to see her writing in the fantasy genre so she can join the ranks of the speculative fiction aficionados among us. Her latest book, Carry On, is particularly interesting because it’s based on the novel-within-a-novel from her highly successful Fangirl. For anyone who has been living […]