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On the Term “Speculative Fiction”


Writers have argued and continue to argue over the term “speculative fiction.” I first used the term as a college freshmen—a way to say I wrote fantasy but sound more “artsy” or important. My creative writing professor quickly said that all fiction is speculative and it was a bad term. Regardless of general opinion, the […]

Book Review: The Little Prince

by Wendy Van Camp

Book Name: The Little Prince Author: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry First Published: 1943 Antoine Marie Jean-Baptiste Roger, comte de Saint Exupéry, more popularly known as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, was born to an aristocratic family in Lyon on June 29, 1900. He was the third of five children of the Countess Marie de Fonscolombe and Count Jean […]

Interview: Danielle Dutton and Dorothy: A Publishing Project

by Cheryl Wollner

Danielle Dutton, Assistant Professor in the Department of English at Washington University in Saint Louis, has been kind enough to speak to LSQ about Dorothy: A Publishing Project. This independent press publishes two books by women simultaneously each year. Dutton shares her thoughts on Dorothy’s aesthetic, independent presses, and speculative fiction. CW: How has Dorothy […]

Interview: Megan Milks

by Cheryl Wollner

After reviewing their chapbook The Feels, I had the pleasure to meet up with Megan Milks for an interview. A self-described author of queer feminist fiction, Milks provides insight into the authors, books and literary movements that inspire their work. CW: Thank you again for meeting with me, I really appreciate it. And I just want […]

A Year of Books by Women

by Cheryl Wollner

The first thing I did after college was commit to a year of reading books by women and non-cis men. It’s been a full year since I began my quest to read books by women and that year has come to a close. Since May 2015 I have read: Doomsday Book* Parable of the Sower* […]

Inspiring Music: Speculative Songs

by Cheryl Wollner

I play a game where I gender bend song lyrics. When I recreate a song with female pronouns or gender neutral pronouns, a new world opens because the song is no longer just for cisgender men. I create. I re-imagine what I know. I speculate on what could be and who could be included in […]

I Write Genre Fiction…Until I Don’t

by Cheryl Wollner

I write speculative fiction. Genre fiction. Fantasy. Sci Fi. Horror. I’ve grown ill reading the backs of novels and the thousand and one stories about couples (mostly straight white couples) and their marital problems.  I’m sure these stories are brilliantly told, and well deserving of literary praise for depicting the human spirit. But wouldn’t it […]

Murder Mysteries are Speculative Fiction

by Cheryl Wollner

I am not the murderer. You have your evidence against me and I have my evidence against you. Let’s see who wins. This past weekend, I participated in my very first Murder Mystery Dinner Party. After four years of playing Elves and Monks in Dungeons and Dragons, pretending to be a spoiled runway model for […]

The Great Stories

by Cheryl Wollner

The Great Stories are the ones you have heard and want to hear again. The ones you can enter anywhere and inhabit comfortably. They don’t deceive you with thrills and trick endings. They don’t surprise you with the unforeseen. They are as familiar as the house you live in. Or the smell of your lover’s […]

Write to Your Favorite Female Authors

by Cheryl Wollner

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, making this a great week to honor our female writing mentors. Following my post on slam poet Sarah Kay, I want to reiterate how necessary it is to remember the incredible women who shape our reading and writing experience. There is (or was, if the author is no longer with […]