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Who Needs a Sidekick?

by Elora Powell

The concept of a sidekick is a slippery one in today’s storytelling climate. Traditionally, at least as far as superheroes go, sidekicks have been junior partners to a hero—usually adolescents (yikes!), training under the tutelage of the titular hero of the book in question. Many were introduced to relate to the presumed audience of young, […]

Fearless Thoughts: Part 2

by Anna O’Keefe

[Editor’s note: this two-part debut series for Anna O’Keefe’s column “Redefining Superheroes” began yesterday with Part 1.] My great-great-grandmother, Anna O’Keefe, came to the US, an Irish immigrant, with nearly nothing. We have no record of her life except for a few personal items and a couple of lines in census records. I hold tight […]

Fearless Thoughts: Part 1

by Anna O’Keefe

[Editor’s note: this is the first in a two-part debut of Anna O’Keefe’s column “Redefining Superheroes.” Come back tomorrow for Part 2.] Superheros and anti-heroes have exploded off the pages of comics and graphic novels in spectacular fashion in the past several years. Forbes pronounced that, “2017 became the greatest year for superhero movies of […]

Superblog #3: Introducing Harley “I Told You So” Harbinger

by Lady Morse Code

Superwriters unite! *********************************************************************************************   We’re back for another gathering of the League of Extraordinary Authoresses with me, Lady Morse Code, and today we have a stellar guest! (If she behaves herself.) No need to beat around the bush, tree or Batmobile today. I’m ready to jump straight into the interview! How about you? Let’s do this! […]