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It’s All About the Characters

by Jennifer Karr

It’s all about the characters. World building, plotting, and good writing are all important to a story—vitally so. But it’s the characters who make or break the story. It’s the characters who carry us through—or fail to. Bad characters can ruin a novel or movie that is otherwise flawless. Likewise, good ones can carry an […]

Dialogue in SFF and Beyond (Part Two): Terms from Your History Notebook & Other Smart Reader Things

by Tracy Townsend

When last we left you, my stalwart heroes, heroines, and genderqueer unicorns, I was writing about the life-hacks used by some well-known sff authors in writing effective dialogue. You can use these tricks to help get words on the page (consider Caroline Yoachim’s bracket-and-move-on-hack) or to improve their tone, pace, character, and style (as Sarah […]

Name Those Names! It’s A Matter of Respect

by Cheryl Wollner

If we’re fans of Harry Potter, we remember the names of the spells and curses: avada kedavra, alohomora, lumos. Fans of Lord of the Rings, go to painstaking lengths to name the Dunedain as the descendants of the Numenorians, and to keep track of all of all of Aragorn’s names. It’s what we do. In […]

Memory and Style in Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Buried Giant

by T.v.E.Day

I read no articles or advanced reviews, so when the beautifully designed, author-signed first edition arrived at my local independent bookstore, I had no idea what to expect; beyond, that is, the unavoidable buzz: how Kazuo Ishiguro ventures into the world of fantasy with his latest novel, The Buried Giant. The oddness of Ishiguro’s story […]