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Lois Lowry’s “Gossamer”

by Jen Gheller

Lois Lowry has written many books that have stayed with me over the years and their messages still ring true to our current events. One in particular has been on my mind lately, and it’s different from her haunting dystopians or wrenching historical fictions. Gossamer, although short at around 150 pages, is a story we […]

Season of the Teen Witch

by Jen Gheller

It’s finally October, the best month of the year (subjectively)! The weather’s getting cool and crisp, pumpkin pie M&M’s are out, and general spookiness abounds. And with the Netflix reboot of Sabrina the Teenage Witch set for the end of the month, I’ve definitely got witches on my mind. Specifically, the teen witches I read […]

Review: The Language of Thorns

by Jen Gheller

Here at LSQ, we love stories. So for this post, I thought I’d get a little meta and talk about a book of stories, made for stories. Let me explain. It’s called The Language of Thorns, by Leigh Bardugo, and it’s a collection of fairy tales set in her “Grishaverse.” This world is comprised of […]

To Wakanda and Beyond

by Jen Gheller

When you think about fantasy worlds, what comes to mind? For me, it’s Narnia, Middle Earth, the wizarding world, and Alagaësia. These worlds are abundant with dragons, elves, orcs, and talking animals, but they lack a major feature: people of color. Maybe some of them have a few token non-white characters, but it’s hard to […]

Happy Birthday, Patricia Wrede!

by Cheryl Wollner

Happy birthday, Patricia Wrede (March 27, 1953–)! Best known for her fantasy YA and children’s books, Wrede says she doesn’t write for children; she writes for herself. Wrede is an advocate for writing what you love. She writes fantasy. She writes about dragons. Why change what you love? As she explains: “I loved getting my […]

REVIEW: The Night Circus (Erin Morgenstern)

by Cheryl Wollner

I recently blogged about how Celia Bowen, the protagonist from The Night Circus (2011,) has joined my list of Favorite Female Characters. She’s a surprising addition to this list, because despite the novel’s high praise and awards, I did not enjoy the novel. Two magicians pit their students against each other in a game of […]

Happy Birthday Tamora Pierce!

“Fantasy was where I escaped […] it was–is–the literature of idealism and passion […] this idea that there are greater things than the mundane”–Tamora Pierce, interview with Sound familiar? From my childhood, fantasy was Lord of the Rings: it was the epic quest, the men of honor taking up the good fight in an […]