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Review: Moxie; Amelia Westlake

by Alexa Wilson Kelly

These days, girl power is ruling the market for children’s literature—and given the current sociopolitical climate, it’s not hard to see why. Between the legacy of the Women’s March (which has itself been the subject of a picture book) and the ongoing discomfort and uncertainty that comes with being a woman in Trump’s America, it’s […]

Review: The Language of Thorns

by Jen Gheller

Here at LSQ, we love stories. So for this post, I thought I’d get a little meta and talk about a book of stories, made for stories. Let me explain. It’s called The Language of Thorns, by Leigh Bardugo, and it’s a collection of fairy tales set in her “Grishaverse.” This world is comprised of […]

The Magic of “What If?”

by Jen Gheller

Here’s a secret that’s probably not-so-secret: I love urban fantasy. It’s my favorite genre, hands-down. The first urban fantasy book I can remember reading is Charles de Lint’s The Blue Girl. The plot involves the protagonist’s childhood imaginary friend coming back to her seeking help, a teenage ghost roaming the high school, and a hostile […]

I Was a Teenage Twihard

by Jen Gheller

There’s been talk on the blog lately about romance and “strong female characters,” which got me thinking about a genre I was an avid fan of in high school. It all started when my mom took Twilight out from the library, and after that I was a frequenter of the “Teen Paranormal Romance” section at […]

The Baddest of Them All

by Jen Gheller

Fairy tale retellings have become a huge trend lately, especially in YA. A good retelling can be tricky to pull off. It should be unique enough that the fairy tale isn’t just being rehashed, yet still grounded enough that the essence of the source material shines through. I’ve read quite a few retellings, and it’s […]

Who You Gonna Call? The Diviners!

by Jen Gheller

One of the biggest problems about getting invested in a book series is having to wait. You’re dying to know what happens next and you desperately check Goodreads to see if the publication date for the next book gets updated. Then, finally, publication day arrives. You get the book, tear through it, and repeat the […]

Author Interview: Che Gilson

by Wendy Van Camp

Author Che Gilson likes to make the small epic and the epic small. She is a YA fantasy author from the Pacific Northwest. Hello! My name is Che Gilson and I write things and draw things. Some of those things get published which is really, really nice. I also love to draw and paint. I […]