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Contraception in YA

by Jen Gheller

The first sex scene I can remember reading was in a Stephen King novel when I was thirteen. At that age, I knew what sex was, but when I read that scandalously detailed scene, I learned how it actually worked. My parents never gave me The Talk, and I went to a Catholic high school […]

The Magic of “What If?”

by Jen Gheller

Here’s a secret that’s probably not-so-secret: I love urban fantasy. It’s my favorite genre, hands-down. The first urban fantasy book I can remember reading is Charles de Lint’s The Blue Girl. The plot involves the protagonist’s childhood imaginary friend coming back to her seeking help, a teenage ghost roaming the high school, and a hostile […]

To Wakanda and Beyond

by Jen Gheller

When you think about fantasy worlds, what comes to mind? For me, it’s Narnia, Middle Earth, the wizarding world, and Alagaësia. These worlds are abundant with dragons, elves, orcs, and talking animals, but they lack a major feature: people of color. Maybe some of them have a few token non-white characters, but it’s hard to […]

Review: The Red Queen

by Salena Casha

I haven’t read any young adult novels in a while. This isn’t for any reason in particular but I’ve been on a kick of literary novels recently and as much as I enjoy subtlety and pointedly difficult prose to parse out , I needed a break. So let me introduce you to The Red Queen  by […]

When to Reveal What Information to the Reader….

by KC Maguire

One thing many writers struggle with, especially in the young adult space, is when to reveal information to readers. Craft books and writing instructors will tell you that you shouldn’t necessarily reveal information until the reader needs to know it. Otherwise, you risk front-loading your story with too much exposition and bogging the reader down […]