Luna Station Quarterly is a speculative fiction magazine featuring stories by emerging women authors.
Now in our 9th year!

The Best of LSQ: The First Five Years


See that cover right there? That is the cover of the amazing anthology celebrating LSQ’s first five years. FIFTY of the best stories we’ve published. And it’s gorgeous.

Cover art? Yup, that’s Julie Dillon, Hugo Award-winning and wonderfully talented. I knew the moment I saw it that this book would not be the same without this image. It sums up so much of what LSQ is about.

The writers gathered in these pages, from every corner of the globe, are explorers of wonder, magic, and places beyond the stars. They are also explorers of what makes us human, in heart, mind, and spirit.

Come explore the best we have to offer, as we look back fondly on the last five years and look ahead at what’s to come.

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Table of Contents

Introduction by Jennifer Lyn Parsons, Editor-in-Chief

Roots in the Mist (Or It’s So Quiet on the 14th Floor) by Tara Quinn Lindsey

The Journey or the Destination by Emma Sibley

The Guild of Runners by Noeleen Kavanagh

How Kpodo and Lishan Met, And The Adventure They Had After by Rebecca Buchanan

The New Book on the Shelf by Maria Kelly

Cat and the Cradle by Gabrielle Lissauer

Below the Big Dipper, to the Left of Ursa Minor, Stood the Mural Quadrant Constellation by Shannon Quinn

The Sought After Smile by Icy Sedgwick

Aunt Nancy by Krista Duggin

The Selkie’s Choice by Jennifer Wiseman

Grandmother Yucca by Cheryl Wood Ruggiero

Pink Gift by Lindsey Walker

The Woman With Flowers In Her Hair by AJ Fitzwater

Hijacked by Margaret Karmazin

Air by Tara Calaby

The Minotaur’s Tale by Stacey Larner

The Wood Children by Cathrin Hagey

Loose by Evan Mariah Pettit

Deep Deck 9  by Charlotte Nash

Folk Songs by Vivian Caethe

Train of Thought by Danielle Elizabeth Shipley

Harvesting Wishes by Mary E. Lowd

Storm’s Spawn by Ann Gimpel

Magic on the Cliffs by Amy Holt

Mother Bear by K. Bannerman

Harmony by Kasia James

Icarus in the 21st Century by Nikki Vogel

Built in a Day by A.C. Buchanan

Highgate by Andrea Mullaney

The Rescue by Margrét Helgadóttir

Fight and Flight by Che Gilson

The Prototype by Judith Field

Pigeon-Talker by Rebecca Harwell

Wallpaper People by Samantha Chaffin

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by Kate Taylor

Tanith’s Sky by Penny Stirling

The Light Fantastic by Catherine Lundoff

The Absence of Feathers by O.J. Cade

Scylla in Blue Light by Sandi Leibowitz

Mission Critical by Deborah Bailey

When the Sea is Blue and the Shallows Clear by Suzanne J. Willis

The Sacrifice by Robin L. Martinez

Tunbi by Chikodili Emelumadu

Tourist Attraction by Nina Shepardson

Handiwork by J.A. Gross

A Sea Without Oysters by Megan Lee Beals

The Stone Children by Shannon Norland

Leaf by MJ Gardner

What Happened at the Pond by Christine Boulos